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Why pay high dentist office prices for a Laser Teeth Whitening? We use the same Blue Ray Light Whitening  and Gel therapy at a fraction of the costs.


We recommend a full hour LED teeth whitening session for customers that have either never tried laser teeth whitening or have not had a session in a year or more.

We also offer 1 hour Touch Up and 35 minute Refresh (for Returning Customers) sessions depending on your needs.

Not sure if LED Teeth Whitening will be effective for you? We offer a free consultation. Call and schedule your free consultation today.


Results guaranteed! The type of stains and your natural teeth’s density will determine your results. Customers must be at least shade 16 or higher to receive the guarantee. If a customer has a high level of translucency the shade improvement will be measure on the enamel portion of the tooth. The natural color of dentin is naturally a light yellow and normally only a portion of the tooth has dentin.

Cancellation Policy:

10% of Scheduled Service if cancelled within 12 hours and not rescheduled with 3 days

30% of Scheduled Service if a NO SHOW for the appointment.

All cancellation or missed appointments fees must be paid prior to confirming any new appointments. Payment for cancellation fees may be processed using our scheduling software.

1 Hour 30 min Session

Special $179

Regular $299

1 Hour Touch -Up Session 

35 Minute Refresh Session

Regular $249

Special $109

Regular $199

Returning Customers Only

Special $89

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