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Smiling is Healthy, Beautiful and Contagious...

At Preferred One our goal is to offer you effective same day results LED teeth whitening at affordable rates in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, and to provide you with the greatest service from our certified staff. Most first time customers experience results 8 to 12 shades improvement immediately after their session.

Our low-sensitivity gel and LED Blu Ray Light process is quick and effective. No painful whitening strips or days of wearing gels trays.

Coffees, teas, red wines, dark sodas, alcohol, fresh vegetables, berries/fruits, oily/fried foods, dark sauces, candy, smoking, dip, and vapor products are just a few teeth staining offenders. So let’s get rid of those yellowing stains and get your natural smile back.

Are you not sure if LED Teeth Whitening will be effective for you? We offer a free consultation. Some people have a high level of translucency thus exposing the natural light yellow color of dentin underneath the enamel. We can remove the stains from your teeth but no teeth whitening process can reduce your translucency.

Your time is important so get the bright smile you deserve in about an hour. We also offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your schedule. Appointments can be made within 24 hours and often same day depending on your flexibility. Call or Schedule Online.

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